Air conditioning replacement in Denver, CO, isn’t something that many homeowners look forward to, if only due to the high costs involved. It takes an average of $6,500 to $20,000 to have an air conditioner installed. It’s no wonder that many homeowners decide to cut costs wherever they can. Some even try to save money by replacing only half of their HVAC system.

Partial replacement of an air conditioner may seem like a financially smart thing to do, but this penny-wise action could end up becoming pound-foolish in a variety of ways. If you’re wondering whether you should replace only part of your air conditioner or replace the entire system, read on to find the right answers.

How Your Air Conditioner Works with Your Furnace

Performance is usually one of the first casualties of a mismatched air conditioner. Putting a brand-new outdoor condenser unit together with an older furnace could result in reduced overall cooling performance due to the way your air conditioner works with your furnace.

Your air conditioner needs the furnace’s air handler to distribute cooling throughout your home. If it’s mismatched, you could end up making your overall HVAC system less efficient.

To put things into perspective, imagine two horses pulling a heavy cart. A partial replacement is like replacing only one of the horses when both get tired. As a result, the fresh horse can only do as much work as the tired horse is still capable of. Over time, this mismatch in cooling performance can lead to increased wear and tear on both halves, resulting in more frequent repairs and a shorter lifespan for the entire HVAC system.

Why Your Air Conditioner and Furnace Should Be the Same Brand

There are several reasons why having your air conditioner and furnace be the same brand can be beneficial:

  • It ensures that both units will be compatible with each other, which can make installation and repairs much easier.
  • It may make you eligible for additional promotions or discounts when you purchase an air conditioner and furnace at the same time.
  • It helps create a more consistent indoor climate, as both units will be working together to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Just Replacing Your Air Conditioner May Cost More in the Long Run

Partially replacing your air conditioner can also prove to be a waste of money in the long run. Although you might save a little money now, you could end up with higher maintenance and upkeep costs. Mismatched air conditioners also tend to use more energy than a properly paired air conditioner, resulting in higher annual utility costs.

In addition, the shortened lifespan of your cooling equipment means you’ll end up spending more on your next replacement. If the older half of your air conditioner fails shortly after your partial installation, you’ll find yourself with an uncomfortable choice—performing yet another partial replacement that could cost you even more money or spending extra money on a properly paired air conditioner.

Trust Lakeside with Your Next Air Conditioning and Furnace Installation

In short, partially replacing your air conditioner could make you lose out on energy efficiency, long-term performance and any savings you were looking for.

In fact, the only situation where you’re better off with a partial replacement is if your furnace is under 10 years old. If you need new cooling equipment for your home, then it’s almost always best to replace the entire system instead of gambling on a partial replacement.

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