Sometimes there are just stubborn hot or cold spots you can’t seem to get rid of. You may be tempted to upgrade your entire HVAC system but that can seem overwhelming. Instead, consider installing a ductless mini-split from Daikin, which offers robust climate control for individual rooms within your home.

Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning just happens to excel at mini-splits in Arvada, CO, and surrounding areas. We’re proud to partner with Daikin to make these efficient, affordable systems more easily available. If you think mini-split installation sounds right for your home, request a free quote from us at 303-412-8015 today.

Six Ways Ductless Mini-Splits Can Work for Your Home

Ductless mini-splits are different than forced-air HVAC systems like a furnace or air conditioner. They pull or exhaust heat from the air, instead of creating heating and cooling. This makes them incredibly energy efficient. In fact, ductless mini-splits from trusted brands like Daikin can be an ideal solution for many unique comfort challenges.

  1. Supports your existing furnace or air conditioner: Rather than buy a whole new HVAC system, a mini-split can address room-by-room problem areas you just can’t seem to take care of. Ductless mini-splits are also useful for Arvada’s milder temperatures, which may lower your energy bills overall.
  2. Ideal for detached spaces: Mini-splits are often used to solve comfort problems in home additions, sunrooms, wood shops or garages.
  3. Some models offer both heating and cooling: Some ductless mini-splits are for air conditioning only while others offer heating too. You can choose the right model for your needs.
  4. No ductwork: This is in the name! Ductless mini-splits don’t need air ducts that reach every room. Instead, they deliver comfort through wall-mounted units.
  5. Install one or more mini-splits: A ductless mini-split system is exceptionally versatile. Some models allow you to add multiple indoor units, giving other HVAC equipment a little help where it needs it most.
  6. Quiet and energy efficient: Daikin excels at designing their mini-splits to be highly energy efficient and whisper quiet. Many models are ENERGY STAR rated, which may make you eligible for additional rebates.

Mini Split Installation Arvada, CO, Trusts

Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning offers Daikin mini-split systems because we trust their reliability and innovation. Daikin is the #1 air conditioning company with more than a century of experience discovering new ways to improve your comfort at home. Many of their ductless mini-split heat pumps prioritize energy efficiency, which is better for both the environment and your wallet. And we work together to ensure you can continue to receive professional support thanks to some of the industry’s best warranties.

We’ve been helping families like yours live more comfortably since 1971, and we can help yours too. Request a quote for mini-split installation in Arvada, CO, today by calling us at 303-412-8015.