Air Conditioning Repair Sheridan, CO, Has Trusted Since 1971

Why spend all day comparing the best air conditioning repair in Sheridan, CO? It’s no secret that Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning offers the fastest, most reliable HVAC services in and around the Denver metro. Schedule an appointment with one of our technicians today by giving us a call at 303-412-8015. We’ll help however we can.

Each of our technicians is extensively trained, certified and insured for professional HVAC repair on all makes and models of cooling equipment. Regardless of your specific system, Lakeside will find a quality solution for your cooling problem. Throughout the repair process, we’ll also provide progress updates so you have the most up-to-date information.

A malfunctioning air conditioner is annoying enough as it is. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of slow or expensive repair services. Lakeside is committed to providing you with the fast, effective solution you deserve. If we work together, we’ll find that solution even faster. Before you know it, your air conditioner is back to normal again.

Quality AC repair in Sheridan, CO, has been our specialty for more than 50 years. Learn more about how Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning can support your HVAC system by calling our staff today. Request your free estimate or appointment from Lakeside at 303-412-8015.


There’s Minimal Downtime with Our Air Conditioning Installation in Sheridan, CO

Have you noticed your air conditioner struggling to maintain desired temperatures? Or maybe each new utility bill is more expensive? These are signs your cooling is starting to fail, and it’s a good idea to start thinking about air conditioning installation in Sheridan, CO. If you’re worried about finding the right replacement, let the HVAC professionals at Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning help you out. Call us today at 303-412-8015 to schedule an appointment.

Professional repair technicians should have years of training and all the right certifications for quality installation support. Lakeside can evaluate your existing HVAC system to help you determine what make and model you could most benefit from. You may be surprised to learn it could be a top brand like Lennox® or Daikin. Their quality cooling equipment is more affordable than ever, and modern energy efficiency can lower costs even further!

The more efficiently your new AC system runs at the start, the better. A true pro should make sure the replacement is installed as seamlessly as possible to encourage ideal results. If you pair it with our routine maintenance, you could maximize benefits while minimizing the risk of damage. Finally, qualified customers are eligible for additional financing options, such as payment plans.

Give up on that beat-down air conditioner and find your dream replacement today. Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning offers the best air conditioning installation in the area. For more information about our services, ask a member of our staff. They can also provide a free estimate. Get yours today by giving us a call at 303-412-8015.


Top-Notch Furnace Repair in Sheridan, CO

Winters can get quite cold in Colorado. If your furnace suddenly breaks or stops working, it’s important to find a fast resolution. Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning offers the fastest furnace repair in Sheridan, CO. With more than 50 years of experience, we’ll find the source of your problem and have it taken care of right away. Schedule an appointment today by giving Lakeside a call at 303-412-8015.

For the best solutions, a repair technician should have extensive training and certifications. Our staff have all that plus a dedication to supporting you and your HVAC system. We work with all major brands and provide periodic status updates as we work. That way if something changes, you have up-to-date information and can decide how to best proceed with repairs.

Started with another service company? If you’re unsure about advice they’ve given you, Lakeside offers free second opinions. We’ll help you know for sure if you’re getting a good deal or not. Sometimes there’s more than one way to resolve a problem, and Lakeside will always share every option with you. The next time something goes wrong, you can feel confident about both fixing it and preventing similar problems in the future.

Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities. For quality furnace repair, Call Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning today. Request an appointment or free estimate from a member of our staff to get started. We’re available by phone at 303-412-8015. Call today!


Find Your Dream Replacement with Furnace Installation in Sheridan, CO

Even for minor problems, sometimes repairing your furnace isn’t the right way to go. Depending on its age and overall condition, you may be better off replacing it regardless. Finding the right replacement furnace can seem difficult, but not with the pros at Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning helping out. We offer furnace installation in Sheridan, CO, famous for setting up customers quickly with a new heater. Request a free estimate today by calling 303-412-8015.

There are more options for heating equipment than ever. Your Lakeside technician can evaluate your HVAC system and help you determine your heating needs. That way, you won’t install a system with more power than you really need. This could mean installing a top brand like Lennox or Daikin. We partner with them to provide access to their impressive suite of comfort technology.

But what about costs? Lakeside is always looking for ways to save. Qualified customers can receive additional financing options to help make these brands more affordable. For more savings, don’t forget to invest in quality routine maintenance. Just a couple tune-ups a year can keep your furnace running at its best.

Don’t put up with an old, malfunctioning furnace for a minute longer. Call Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning today for the best furnace installation in the area. They can provide a free estimate, an appointment and much more! Lakeside staff are available by phone at 303-412-8015. Call today.