No one likes a sweltering or freezing room in their house. If your HVAC system isn’t doing the job, call Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning to learn about the benefits of ductless mini-split installation in Denver, CO.

Ductless mini-splits are quickly becoming the go-to solution for those looking to improve their home comfort. They provide effective temperature control and air circulation — helping solve common problems like uneven heating or cooling, energy loss and noise pollution.

Even better, Denver customers may receive an instant $3,500 instant rebate for qualifying mini-split systems. Nothing beats a rebate!

Call Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning today to find out how mini-splits can benefit your home in Denver.


Your Trusted Mini-Split Installers in Denver, CO

For four generations, Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning has been the trusted heating and cooling experts in the Denver metropolitan area. Since 1971, we have lived by our motto: Making Your Home Comfortable.

With features like individualized climate control, efficient-energy use and low noise operation, installing a ductless mini-split in Denver, CO, is a great way to increase the comfort in your home. They work in conjunction with your existing HVAC system and require no ductwork. They come in several models — some heat, some cool and some do both — which is ideal for hard-to-heat rooms and additions.

Our teams are the premier mini-split installers in Denver and the surrounding areas. We sell and service top-of-the-line models from Daikin, a leading brand renowned for quality, durability and efficiency.

Five Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Your Home

  • Increased Comfort: Ductless mini-split installation allows you to customize the temperature in each room of your home. This creates a comfortable environment no matter where you’re located.
  • Energy Efficiency & Lower Bills: By eliminating air leaks and other energy losses associated with traditional duct systems, mini-splits can improve energy efficiency by as much as 30%, helping you save on utility bills.
  • Improved Air Quality: Ductless mini-split systems come with advanced filtration to eliminate dust, pollen and other contaminants from the air inside your home.
  • Quiet Operation: The outdoor unit of a ductless mini-split heat pump system is far quieter than traditional central air conditioning or heat pump systems.
  • Simple Maintenance: The filters in a ductless mini-split are easy to access and replace, so regular maintenance is simple and quick. Installing a mini-split in your Denver home helps your conditioning system runs efficiently all year-round.

Call Lakeside for Mini-Split AC Installation in Denver, CO

Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning wants to make your home in Denver comfortable every day of the year. That includes summer and winter. We install AC-only mini-split systems as well as dual-function heat pumps for both heating and cooling. There’s a system to address any need. So, don’t wait any longer — enlist Lakeside to help get the perfect mini-split system for your home. Call us today at 303-412-8015 for a quote on mini-split installation in Denver, CO. Our experienced mini-split installers are standing by.