Home comfort involves a lot more than just your thermostat. The air you breathe indoors is important too. Airborne, microscopic particles can negatively affect the quality of the air you breathe. In fact, the EPA states that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than typical outdoor conditions. Considering we spend the bulk of our time indoors, taking steps to improve your indoor air quality is a great investment. With the right equipment, you can improve the air’s quality.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) systems use filters and other sanitizing components to increase indoor air quality. But what equipment is right for you? Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Our technicians can provide information on available equipment as well as repair and installation services. We’ll set you up with everything you need to increase your home’s indoor air quality. Lakeside offers the best HVAC service in and around Arvada, CO, and we’re happy to show you why. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at 303-412-8015.

How Do I Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

Lower indoor air quality is a result of modern insulation methods. Homes are sealed much more tightly, preventing air from circulating outside. This greatly improves energy efficiency but can result in stagnant indoor air quality. Finding the right sanitizing systems will go a long way to resolve this. Equipment placed inside your HVAC system can effectively filter and purify the air circulating throughout your home.

Three ways to improve indoor air is filtration, humidity control and UV germicidal light exposure. You may want to consider installing one or more IAQ systems for the most comprehensive results.

Air Filtration

There are a number of filtration systems to choose from. High-quality filters are effective against a wide range of particulates. This includes dust, allergens and even pet dander. While they all trap airborne particles, how they do so can vary. Some consist of a fine mesh, and others draw particles toward them using an electrical charge. Trapping the particles within the filter prevents them from circulating through your home.

Depending on the filtration system, you’ll need to regularly clean or replace the filter. Otherwise, the filter becomes dirty and much less effective.

UV Germicidal Lights

Exposure to UV light can deactivate microorganisms. They can no longer reproduce, effectively sanitizing them. A UV light is particularly effective against mold and mildew as well as germs like viruses and bacteria. Using a UV germicidal lamp in your home may reduce the chance of getting sick.

Humidity Control

Even your home’s humidity can affect your sense of comfort. This is largely affected by your local climate and may vary from season to season. Arid conditions can irritate sinuses, while high humidity feels damp and muggy. A whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier can regulate moisture in your HVAC system.

What Are the Benefits of Improving Indoor Air Quality?

Maybe you think the air in your home is clean enough. But do you find yourself sneezing or coughing more often? Is it difficult to keep surfaces clean of dust and grime? You might not realize just how much your indoor air can be improved. Installing IAQ equipment can:

  • Keep your home cleaner. Dust and other particles gradually collect in your ductwork and on surfaces. A powerful filtration system can trap them, making cleaning faster and easier.
  • Protect you and your family’s health. Keeping pollen and allergens out is a great relief from allergies. Sanitizing bacteria and viruses can even stop you from getting sick.
  • Improve home comfort in new ways. You can keep your home’s humidity in balance, and even cut down on bad odors! After all, many unpleasant smells come from the particles now trapped in your purifier.

We Offer Better Ways to Improve the Air in Your Home

Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning is always looking for ways to help our customers with their sense of comfort. We believe improving your home’s indoor air quality is a strong investment with many benefits. We can offer the installation and servicing of a many different systems. Let us walk you through the advantages and features of filters, humidifiers and UV germicidal lamps. Together we’ll find the ideal combination.

Trust your local team of professional technicians the next time you need quality HVAC service in Arvada, CO. We can help with heating, cooling and more! Talk with a member of our staff to learn the details. They can also provide a free estimate or help schedule an appointment. Just give us a call today at 303-412-8015.