As heat pumps become more popular with homeowners, you might be interested in new installation yourself. Or maybe you already have a heat pump and your existing model is starting to show its age. No matter the reason, professional heat pump installation in Arvada, CO, is a must. Not only can they make sure the process is fast and hassle-free, but they’ll also ensure your new heat pump runs at peak performance from the beginning.

Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning would be more than happy to handle heat pump installation for you. With more than 50 years of experience, we know how to pair your home with the ideal heating and cooling system. We’ll figure out your comfort needs together and find the best possible heat pump.

Request a free estimate (or second opinion if you’re not sure of someone else’s quote) by giving us a call at 303-412-8015 today. Before you know it, installation will be wrapped up and you can enjoy your new or replacement heat pump.

What Are the Benefits of New Heat Pump Installation?

If you’re interested in installing your very first heat pump, you’ll be excited to learn it’s an excellent addition to your HVAC system. Heat pumps are well-designed and versatile pieces of equipment. As long as you take the time to consider your personal comfort needs against available makes and models, your heat pump should offer exceptional heating and cooling. Other benefits of a new heat pump include:

An HVAC system you can use in both summer and winter: Since heat pumps can reverse their flow of refrigerant, you can use your heat pump for both heating and cooling. This streamlined comfort system is easy to use and often rivals the performance of traditional, forced-air systems.

Especially high energy efficiency: Heat pumps don’t combust fuel like oil or natural gas to generate heat. This means their overall energy use is lower, making them particularly energy-efficient options for climate control. You’ll enjoy some of the best energy efficiency available if you pair a quality model with routine preventive maintenance.

Outstanding support from Lakeside technicians: Our team of expert installers can review your home’s HVAC needs and suggest the best makes and models. We’ll handle installation carefully to make sure it meets manufacturer standards.

Five Signs You Should Consider Heat Pump Replacement

If you already own a heat pump, you don’t want the replacement process to sneak up on you. Rather than scramble to schedule heat pump replacement, it’s much more cost-effective to recognize signs your heat pump is starting to break down. You’ll avoid making redundant repairs on a failing system and can start enjoying the energy efficiency of new equipment that much sooner.

You’ll want to start looking into heat pump installation when:

  1. Your heat pump is more than 10-15 years old.
  2. Heating or cooling isn’t as strong as it used to be.
  3. You constantly need repairs.
  4. Energy bills are suddenly rising.
  5. Your heat pump is short cycling or freezes frequently.

Free Estimates from Heat Pump Installers Arvada, CO, Trusts

Homeowners across the Front Range are enjoying their heat pumps thanks to installation support from Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning. To request a free estimate from our trusted heat pump installers in Arvada, CO, give us a call at 303-412-8015 today.