Daikin has more than 90 years of experience with HVAC technology. In that time, they have developed a renowned line of heating and cooling equipment. Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning is happy to provide many different Daikin air conditioners, furnaces and thermostats to our customers. When installed and maintained correctly, Daikin equipment can make an excellent addition to your HVAC system.

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Why Choose Daikin HVAC Equipment?

Did you know Daikin is the world’s top air conditioning company? Daikin air conditioners are prized for fast, quiet operation as well as outstanding energy efficiency. Their line of heating equipment can be just as effective. One of their furnaces should easily stand up to bitterly cold winters, offering reliable heat when you need it most.

Daikin products are also prized for:

  • Unrivaled cooling technology – Daikin designs offer some of the best cooling performance available today for both central and zoned systems. If you’re considering air conditioning installation, Lakeside can help you identify what type of unit would be most effective for you.
  • Comprehensive warranties – Your HVAC equipment should be protected for a long time. We’re committed to supporting qualifying systems with a 12-year warranty for parts and unit replacement. This makes investing in services like furnace installation even more cost-effective long-term.
  • High energy efficiency ratings – Many people expect to ideal energy efficiency from Daikin air conditioners. Their systems often include the high SEER ratings needed for ENERGY STAR designation, making them great options for environmentally-friendly climate control.

Many HVAC systems manufactured today are compatible with smart thermostat technology. Whether you choose a Daikin thermostat or another brand, take advantage of its convenient features to improve your system’s energy efficiency. For example, advanced programming can adapt to your usage habits to find the most efficient way of running.

You deserve equipment that can stand up to steady use for many years. Daikin protects its HVAC systems with one of the strongest limited warranties in the industry. Qualifying equipment is covered for both parts and replacement services for up to 12 year unit replacement.

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