When it comes to your home, the quality of the products you install can have a big impact on energy efficiency and your comfort. Our family at Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning knows your family deserves reliable and effective equipment, no matter your budget. We’re proud to partner with Lennox, Daikin and Navien, three brands known for their dependability and energy efficiency.

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Air Conditioners

The right air conditioner makes a difference when it comes to your comfort and energy bill. Ask us about ENERGY STAR-certified models, which can keep you cooler while keeping your energy bill low.


Modern furnaces are quieter and more energy-efficient than ever before. And they’re compatible with smart thermostats, which means you won’t have to worry about turning down the heat when you leave.

Water Heaters

A quality water heater should be able to quickly generate enough hot water for your daily usage habits. That can vary depending on your appliances and even the size of your family, so providing access to different models is a must. Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning offers a variety of makes and models, from natural gas and electric to innovative tankless heaters.

Heat Pumps

Unlike furnaces and air conditioners, heat pumps don’t generate heating or cooling. Instead, they transfer ambient heat in or out of your home depending on the setting. This makes them incredibly energy efficient!


Mini-split systems don’t rely on ductwork to deliver comfort. That means you can install them in additions, garages and more! Choose from air conditioning-only models as well as dual-function systems that deliver heating and cooling.

Smart Thermostats

Thermostat technology has come a long way from manual adjustment or creating a schedule. Many smart thermostat models can learn your schedule and create energy-efficient heating and cooling to match. And with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can make adjustments whether you’re at home or on the go.

Whole-House Humidifiers

Humidity that’s too low can affect your comfort and energy bill. Low humidity can dry out your skin, make you more susceptible to getting sick and make your home feel colder. Our whole-house humidifiers balance moisture levels throughout your home.