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We Offer Hot Water Heaters in Arvada, CO

Why choose a local owned and operated company over a “Big Box Store” for your hot water heater replacement?

We offer affordable hot water heaters without the hassle of the Big Box Store. Did you know that if a part ever fails on your hot water heater and you purchased it from the Big Box Store, that you will have to go through the manufacturer and then wait days, if not weeks, for the part to ship in? With purchasing and having Lakeside Heating install a new hot water heater in your home, you can rest assured that if ever a part fails, we will be there to replace it in a timely fashion.

Did you know that more and more hot water heaters are being manufactured out of our country? Here at Lakeside Heating, we take pride in offering “Made in the USA,” Bradford White hot water heaters. These qualify American-built water heaters carry a six year parts and tank warranty.

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If you’re looking for a Full-Service Boiler Repair and Replacement Service Company, we can do that too!
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