Winters can be brutal in Lakewood and the greater Denver metro area. But, no matter how cold it gets outside, Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning will keep you warm inside with exceptional furnace repair for your home.

A family-owned HVAC company, Lakeside has provided professional furnace repair services to homeowners in the area since 1971. Our team of licensed and certified technicians is experienced in diagnosing and resolving all manner of heating system problems. We understand the importance of prompt service, which is why we offer emergency repair service.

At Lakeside, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. If you’re unsure about a quote from another company, we provide free second opinions to make sure you’re getting the best solution for your budget.

Don’t let the outside temperature dictate your comfort. Lakeside has your cold-season comfort covered! Call us at 303-412-8015 today to schedule your furnace repair in Lakewood, CO.

5 Signs You May Need Furnace Repair

While furnace breakdowns seem to strike out of thin air, oftentimes there are signs a problem is brewing in your heating system. By keeping an eye out for these symptoms, you can call a professional to fix the problem before your unit fails.

1. Soaring energy bills: If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills without any other explanation, it could be a sign that your furnace is not functioning efficiently.

2. Funky furnace smells: Unusual odors coming from your furnace, such as a burning or chemical smell, can indicate a problem that needs repair.

3. Uneven heating: If some rooms of your home feel much colder than others, it could be an indication that your furnace is not distributing heat evenly and needs service.

4. Unusual noises: Loud sounds like banging, squeaking or grinding noises should not be coming from your furnace. If they are, it could be a sign of mechanical problems that requires furnace replacement or repair.

5. Changing settings: If it seems like you are always having to adjust your thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature, it could be a sign your unit isn’t functioning correctly and you need furnace maintenance or repair.

The team at Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning provides honest, dependable furnace repair in Lakewood, CO, that won’t break your budget! Whether you need to fix your old model or invest in furnace installation, Lakeside’s skilled technicians will help you find the heating solution that’s best for your unique situation.

Make sure you have a warm and toasty winter! Call 303-412-8015 today to schedule your appointment with Lakeside!