How to Change your Air Filter

Keeping your air filter clean in your home not only helps your system run more efficient and dust down, this will also save you on those monthly utility bills. Watch how easy it is on a standard filter box to unlock, and change a dirty filter for a new one.

Maintaining Your Heating & Cooling Equipment

Your home is your castle, and the heating and cooling equipment is the heart of the castle. Maintaining it just makes good sense, and it is a preventative measure in ensuring all is in top-notch operating condition.

Your furnace and cooling equipment are some of the biggest investments you can make in your home and in your comfort, and maintaining these are well worth it. Just like a car, the heating and cooling equipment need routine maintenance to ensure their performance. Here at Lakeside Heating, we offer affordable planned maintenance agreements to ensure your system is operating at peak performance. Owning one of our agreements ensures that you won’t forget to have this vital service performed. We will either contact your by phone, email or postcard when your system is due for a maintenance. Plus, owning one of our agreements will get you a substantial savings over any repair that might be needed.

Maintaining your equipment is key to reliable performance. We recommend that you change your furnace filter monthly, and if you have central air conditioning, monthly filter changing is required. Every one of us that live in the Denver metro area are at high altitude. This is why we strongly suggest that you do not use pleated filters in your home heating system. Why? Because they restrict the air flow and drag down your system’s performance. If you fail to change the furnace filter, you can experience premature system failures and could experience needless costly repairs. Not changing your furnace filter in the summer months can cause your central air conditioner to “freeze” up and stop operating all together. Ever notice ice forming on the Freon lines? This could be caused by a plugged and dirty filter.

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