You amble toward the mailbox, grab the latest batch of mail, start to open the envelopes on your way up to the house, and suddenly . . . your jaw drops. You just caught sight of your energy bill for the month and it’s astronomical.

Whether you hate relying on fans to stay cool, constantly keep your air conditioner at its highest peak, or have a hard time unplugging appliances between uses, you need to make a few changes. Fortunately, you can rely on technology—apps—to figure out how much energy you use and where you use it most.

Why bother? Once you’ve figured out the sum, you can implement changes in your daily routine to save money on your next energy bill.

1. Wiser Home

Your energy usage is often out of sight, and as a result, it’s often out of mind. Wiser Home allows you to make your energy use visible, so you can take control of your energy use. With Wiser Home, you can see real-time home energy output via a smart thermostat. From there, you can use that information to adjust your home’s heat and air conditioning to fit your comfort level and your budget.

Cost: Free

2. Kill-Ur-Watts

Voted as the #1 Energy Efficiency Smartphone App for 2013, Kill-Ur-Watts will help you rethink how much energy you use—and how much you actually need to use. This app keeps track of your energy use over a set period of time and then develops a unique and personal plan to help you reduce your energy consumption.

Cost: Free

3. Energy Tracker

Do you need some motivation to cut back on your energy consumption? Let this app help. Energy Tracker measures how much energy you use and helps you see why you may have to pay for unexpected—and unpleasant—surprises when your energy bill arrives.

Keep in mind that you need to frequently input data to obtain effective results, but fortunately, the app comes with an alarm so you don’t’ forget to update your measurements.

Cost: Free

4. Energy Cost Calculator

If you likes to break down your energy bill and understand exact numbers, download this app immediately. Energy Cost Calculator calculates operating costs and energy usage per day, week, month, and year.

Cost: Free

5. CodeGreen Energy

Mayday, mayday, mayday! You’ve just stumbled upon an energy crisis and want to better understand your energy score. Let CodeGreen Energy App help you put your score into context and access helpful energy consumption information on the go.

Cost: Free

6. Green Outlet

Do you need to cut back and save but don’t know where to start? Green Outlet makes saving possible. This innovative app identifies which appliances in your house cost you the most money. Once you know which appliances burn energy, you can make the necessary changes and unplug to save money. The app also adds up your household carbon footprint and lets you know how much you’re helping—or harming—the environment.

Cost: $0.99

7. Nest Mobile

If you’re Goldilocks and like your place to feel ‘just right,’ this is the app for you. Nest Mobile allows you to adjust your Nest thermostat from anywhere. If you turn off the thermostat before a trip and want your home to be comfortable once you get back, you can adjust the thermostat an hour before you pull into your driveway.

Cost: Free

It’s important to understand your energy consumption and make the necessary changes to save money and improve the environment. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills, and receive more information on ways to save energy, speak with your local HVAC technicians and specialists. Our family-owned company offers: HVAC installation in Denver | furnace installation in Denver | air conditioning installation in Denver.