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Won the bid after five other companies estimates

  • Jun 30, 2017

I was initially impressed by the professional way the estimate process began. They provided a folder with all the BBB information, references, product information, and how to accept the bid. You would be surprised how many other dealers did not provide this during the estimate process!

The individual, I think may be the owner, was friendly and knowledgeable. Friendly…but not chatty. As a customer, I did not want to hear anyone’s life story or tell mine. The other companies spent more time chatting than telling me about their product and service.

The quote was not the lowest, but very reasonable. Getting a % off for paying cash was great! I loved the fact that Lakeside is a family owned business. I accepted the bid and emailed the estimate form in. Another nice factor that made this process smooth sailing.

Lastly, the service installers were friendly, efficient, and did their job well. The gentleman took the time to show me how to set the thermostat. Lennox is a name I recognized and the guarantees were reassuring.

I will recommend Lakeside to friends and family.