Problems You May Suffer Due To An Oversized AC

The size of an air conditioner (AC) affects various aspects of the system’s operations. These operations suffer when an AC is too big for the house you want the system to cool. Below are some of the problems to expect when you install an oversized AC.

Inadequate Dehumidification

The AC lowers your house’s temperature and humidity to cool the house. You won’t feel cool and comfortable with low temperatures alone because moisture won’t evaporate off your skin. Unfortunately, an oversized AC won’t lower the humidity as efficiently as a properly sized AC can.

An AC doesn’t run all the time; it alternates between periods of active cooling (when the AC is on) and passive cooling (when the AC is off). The AC runs until the house reaches the desired temperatures and then turns off until the temperature rises again. These cycles will be extremely short if the AC is oversized, and the AC won’t run for long enough to control the humidity.
Unfortunately, your discomfort is not the only problem you will experience because of high humidity. The high humidity also encourages mold growth, and mold can trigger respiratory problems and even allergic reactions in some people. Also, the high humidity will affect your interior décor and household items such as wall hangings, furniture, and even wall paint.

Energy Inefficiency

For two ACs with the same efficiency but different sizes (in terms of British thermal unit or BTU), the bigger AC will consume more energy than the smaller one. Thus, your oversized AC consumes more energy than a properly sized unit would consume.
Secondly, an oversized AC also frequently runs and stops, which raises its energy consumption because the AC consumes a lot of energy during start-up. Therefore, you will pay more to cool your house with an oversized AC as compared to an AC of the right size.

Accelerated Wear and Tear

An AC overworks if it cycles on and off too frequently. Such an AC doesn’t get adequate rest time, and its components suffer terrible wear and tear, which leads to unusually frequent breakdowns.
The accelerated wear and tear also reduces the AC’s durability. Thus, you will have to replace your oversized system faster than you would with a properly sized system.

Cooling Inconsistency

Contrary to what many people might think, an oversized AC won’t cool the house as efficiently as a properly sized AC. Since the AC will only run for a short time before it turns off, the cool air won’t have time to circulate throughout the house.

The problem is even worse if the house has multiple rooms. As the AC runs and the environment around the thermostats cools to the desired temperature, the AC will switch off even before the rest of the house has cooled. Thus, you will have uneven cooling in the house, which is not comfortable.

Inflated Costs

If you analyze the above issues, you realize that an oversized AC will cost you more money to install and manage than an AC of the right size. Here are some reasons for the high costs:

  • A big AC costs more money to buy and install than a small AC.
  • The mold infestation, because of high humidity, may require money to remove.
  • Frequent breakdowns will require money to fix.
  • The energy inefficiency means high-energy consumption which translates to high energy bills.

In short, an oversized AC won’t save you money in any way; the AC will just cost you money.

Since an oversized AC won’t benefit you in any way, ensure your next AC is of the right size for your house. Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning can help design and size your AC for maximum efficiency. Contact us the next time you want to upgrade or install an AC.