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It’s that time of year – Make sure your furnace is maintained!

  • Dec 29, 2017

People’s furnaces are starting to kick into overdrive now that the temperatures have been dropping.  We run into a surprising amount of no heat calls where the main issue is a simple lack of maintenance.  Dirty filters causing the limit to trip.  Dirty flame sensors causing the burners to light and go out.  Dirty burners not lighting. Things that can be avoided if you make sure to do a yearly maintenance on your unit and change out your filters regularly.

Even if your furnace is working, a lack of maintenance can cause your furnace to operate less efficiently meaning high utilities bills and the furnace having trouble reaching your desired temperature. Call Lakeside today to schedule a maintenance!  We also offer maintenance agreements for both your furnace and A/C so you’ll never forget to take care of your units

Our furnace tune-ups include the following items:

Clean and adjust your burners.
Clean and adjust the pilot.
Vacuum out the cavity.
Clean our replace the filter (if standard size)
Check for gas and CO leaks with a meter
Check all electrical connections
Inspect the heat exchanger
Oil the motor (if not sealed)
Check belts (on older units)
Check thermostat operation and calibrate if off
Record temp rise & manufacture specs- adjust if needed.
Cycle and test your unit

Give us a call and we’ll fill you in on any questions you might have and we’ll be happy to schedule you.