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Humidifiers in Arvada, CO Help Your Skin Stay Moist

Our climate is mostly dry here in Colorado, and installing a whole house humidifier just makes sense. A humidifier eliminates winter dryness by putting moisture into your air via your gas furnace system. When the furnace cycles for heat, moisture from the humidifier pad is picked up and distributed throughout your home via the duct system in your home. Humidity levels recommended is 30. Going to a higher humidity level can promote moisture on your windows and enable mold growth, so always set the humidistat at the recommended level.

A humidifier eliminates those “shocking” experiences such as touching the family pet, a family member or appliance, and getting a static reaction or a shocking “Zap.” We understand that sometimes this is great fun, but we realize that it is mostly annoying and can ruin some electronic appliances and sometimes even the thermostat just by simply touching it and getting a shock. We also know that by installing a whole house humidifier it will (1) help keep your hardwood floors from cracking as well as your skin and lips, (2) eliminate your hair standing out from your head, and (3) keep the family pet from running away when you try to pet it.

All in all, it is a wise investment in your total home comfort.

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