As any other mechanical system, heat pumps do best with regular maintenance so they can perform at their best. Depending on the type of heat pump, how often it is used, and the local climate, heat pumps will need the right amount of maintenance to minimize the risk of problems while maximizing energy efficiency. While some maintenance tasks can be performed on your own, most heat pump maintenance tasks are complex enough to warrant a qualified professional.

The HVAC family at Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning can review your comfort preferences and your home’s HVAC needs to determine the best schedule for heat pump maintenance in Arvada, CO. If you’d like to learn more about our maintenance service, give us a call today at 303-412-8015.

5 Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance from Lakeside

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency
    One of the most obvious benefits of heat pump maintenance is the potential to improve energy efficiency. Heat pumps are already one of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems you can own, but over time, heat pumps can start to lose efficiency as parts become dirty or damaged. By keeping up with regular maintenance, you can help ensure that your heat pump is running as efficiently as possible, which can save you money on your energy bills.
  2. Fewer, More Affordable Repairs
    Another benefit is keeping heat pump repair costs down. By catching problems early and addressing them with routine maintenance, you can often avoid more expensive repairs down the road. What’s more, preventative maintenance can stop some problems from appearing in the first place. In some cases, heat pump maintenance will even be covered by your warranty, so it’s always best to check before scheduling service.
  3. Increased Equipment Life Span
    Regularly scheduled maintenance can extend the life span of your HVAC system. With fewer problems and less wear and tear, components and connections are more likely to last longer. With routine maintenance, your heat pump could easily last for 15 years or more. Ignoring maintenance won’t cause your heat pump to fail immediately, but it might last for only 5-7 years before you need heat pump installation.
  4. Year-Round Efficient Comfort
    One of the main benefits of having a heat pump as part of your HVAC system is the potential for energy-efficient comfort all year-round. Heat pumps can reverse their flow of refrigerant to pull heat indoors during the winter, a process that’s more energy efficient in milder temperatures. With maintenance keeping your heat pump in peak shape, you could work toward lowering your energy bills in both summer and winter.
  5. True Peace of Mind
    Finally, heat pump maintenance can give you peace of mind knowing that your heat pump is in good working order. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your heat pump is running properly and won’t unexpectedly break down when you need it the most. Heat pump maintenance can also help you avoid costly repairs and replacement costs down the road.

Our Heat Pump Maintenance Is Comprehensive

Heat pumps are innovative climate control systems. To ensure you enjoy the most benefits from heat pump maintenance, it’s important to be thorough. Here are a few things your Lakeside technician will perform during a maintenance call:

  • Replacing the Air Filter: Maybe the most important heat pump maintenance task is cleaning or replacing the air filter. Dirty air filters can restrict airflow and cause a number of problems, including reduced efficiency, increased energy costs and even component damage. To avoid these problems, it’s important to check your air filter monthly and clean or replace it as needed.
  • Lubricating Moving Parts: Another important heat pump maintenance task is lubricating moving parts and tightening their fasteners. Over time, heat pump parts can dry out, which can cause a number of problems including reduced efficiency and increased wear and tear due to friction. To avoid these problems, it’s important to lubricate all moving parts on a regular basis.
  • Checking Refrigerant Levels: Another important heat pump maintenance task is checking refrigerant levels. Heat pumps rely on refrigerant to transfer heat, so it’s important to make sure that levels are correct. If your heat pump is low on refrigerant, it can cause a number of problems, including reduced efficiency and decreased cooling capacity.

If you’re ready to return your heat pump to the highest possible level of efficiency, call Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning for heat pump maintenance in Arvada, CO. You can call for more information at 303-412-8015.