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Air Conditioning Installation Services in Arvada, CO

Professional Air Conditioning Installation Services in Arvada, CO

Serving Lakewood, CO; Westminster, CO; Denver, CO; and Surrounding Areas


When the summer heat rolls around, you want your home to stay cool and comfortable without spending a fortune on energy bills. Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning wants to help with that. We offer air conditioning installation services in Arvada, CO, and Lakewood, CO, so that you have a new, energy-efficient AC unit for the summer.

We also serve Denver, Littleton, Westminster, and Wheat Ridge, CO, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Choose New Installation?

You may wonder why getting an entirely new air conditioner is a good idea. The most obvious reason is if your current unit is over a decade old. In that case, a new unit will be an upgrade in almost every way. However, some other reasons why a new AC unit is a good idea include:

Older units will start to have issues that cost a lot of money to repair, so choosing us for an affordable air conditioning installation will save you money in the long run. Plus, new AC units are extremely efficient, so your energy bills will likely be a good deal lower.

And our professional team will size your new unit to match your house, meaning your newly installed unit will have the right amount of power to cool each of your rooms perfectly.

Why Choose Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning?

We have served Arvada, CO, and the surrounding areas for nearly 50 years, so we have decades of experience servicing and installing air conditioners. We know how to tune your unit to provide optimal comfort during Colorado summers, and we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and fantastic customer service.

We only offer the best brands, so you know you’re getting quality when you hire us. Call us at 303-412-8015 for an estimate today.

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